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Introducing Coinholic (COH) — #1 Blockchain Backed Digital Assets Marketplace + Self-managed Arbitrage Trading Platform

*Coin Name: Coinholic *Coin Code: COH *Total Supply: 15 Million *ICO Supply: 9 Million *Pre-ICO: March 7 — March 13 / $0.3 per COH Token / 1.5 Million Tokens to be Sold *ICO Stage 1: March 14 — March 28 /$0.7 per COH Token / 3 Million Tokens to be Sold *ICO Stage 2: March 29 — April 14 / $0.9 per COH Token / 4.5 Million Tokens to be Sold *Hard Cap: $6.6 Million *Soft Cap: $800K *Minimum Purchase: 50 COH Tokens *Maximum Purchase: 20,000 COH Tokens *Project Protocol: ERC20 *Payment Methods: We accept Bitcoin and Ethereum *See Contract Address on Etherscan *See Source Code on GitHub
Coinholic is a Global Payment Option for The Digital Asset Market. Coinholic is designed with the digital asset sector at heart. The digital economy is a fast growing one, and we are offering users the opportunity to benefit from this sector with the help of our online platform.
The Coinholic marketplace allows owners of digital assets to sell their products to consumers and get paid in a globally acceptable cryptocurrency which serves as the only medium of payment on the platform. Users will have access to exclusive digital assets.
The whole process is triggered by our smart contract that executes actions when certain conditions are met.
Sellers will have to list and upload their products with detailed description, and place a price tag on them. These products will be held and listed in the public file manager where every buyer can see them and view the product descriptions.
However, the download links will not be available to buyers until the buyers pay the exact amount of the product (in COH) to the seller’s wallet generated. When the payment is confirmed on the blockchain, the product automatically becomes available for download to the buyer who made the deposit. Confirmation on the blockchain is speedy.
The four categories of digital assets that Coinholic operates includes Digital Courses, Cryptocurrencies, Software, and Designs/Arts
ELearning is an untapped fast growing industry which is one of the reasons why LinkedIn acquired the popular for $1.5 Billion in 2015. With technology, people can now enjoy easy access to informational materials in digital formats such as videos, podcasts, and ebooks.
Teachers and other owners of these assets can take advantage of the opportunity that our platform offers to showcase their digital courses to the world when they sign up on our marketplace and get their products listed. Users of the platform will also enjoy access to these exclusive digital courses. We seek to contribute to the eLearning revolution and make it easy for everyone to have access to quality informational materials irrespective of location or language.
One of the problems of the cryptocurrency community is converting digital currencies to fiat. This option is not yet available in some countries. Cryptocurrency has not been widely accepted as a medium of payment. There is still need for Bitcoin and altcoins to be converted to fiat to enhance commerce possible in some locations.
Coinholic allows users convert Bitcoins and altcoins for local fiat currency. The service will be available to over 50 countries. To use the service, users will need to register on our partner exchanges, purchase Coinholic with Bitcoin or any altcoin, and send the fund to their web wallet on the Coinholic platform. All users are allowed to create Coinholic web wallets on the platform upon registration.
Finally, users are required to submit requests to convert the COH in their wallet to fiat. The conversion will be carried out by the Coinholic system, and the funds are withdrawable to the local bank accounts of our users after conversion.
Around September 2017, the Software industry crossed $1 Trillion. The industry is a lucrative one as a result of the fact that software is high in demand.
Software’s proffer solution to a whole lot of real-life problems and plays a huge role in the running of our day to day businesses.
In recent times, there have been a lot of talented software developers who have found lots of useful software’s but couldn’t earn a living off their hard work since they lack the knowledge of digital marketing.
If those software’s are placed on the market, they will be beneficial to the public. Thus, our digital asset marketplace will enable such developers to make money from their products while making the society a better place with the aid of their quality innovations.
Users of our marketplace will enjoy access to high-quality designs and exclusive illustrations that can be used for personal and commercial projects. We are making our platform available to talented graphic designers and giving them to the opportunity to earn from the products that will be listed on the marketplace.
Such products could include PSD and Vector versions of logos, banners, artworks, etc. Users can modify and utilize these designs for commercial purposes.
We guarantee your safety when using the Coinholic marketplace. Security is a crucial area of our product that requires special attention. Therefore, we have a competent security team that always runs updates on our system to ensure that our platform users are safe from hackers and any other form of attack that we could meet in the future.
Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
The Coinholic platform uses 2FA to ensure users security while logging in, making withdrawals, and editing some sections on the profile related to payments.
Email Confirmation
In the event that 2FA isn’t enabled, users will have to go through email confirmation process for protection against unauthorized activities on accounts.
Whitelist IPs
Most platforms do not use this option, but we decided to adopt this method to ensure the safety of our users. Whitelisting IPs is a security measure that allows users set IPs that will be granted access to their accounts. All sign in and withdrawal attempts from IPs different from the selected IPs will be blocked until after verification from users.
Smart Contract
Our blockchain’s smart contract triggers the process of trading digital assets on the Coinholic platform. Apart from cryptocurrency to fiat conversion, trading in every other category is fully decentralized.
Sellers will have to upload their products and place a price tag on them. These products will be held in the public file manager where every buyer can see them and view the product descriptions. However, the download links will not be available to buyers until a certain amount of COH is received and confirmed in the seller’s wallet from a buyer. When that happens, the product automatically becomes available for download to the buyer who made the deposit.
Portfolio Management
Since our platform allows the trading of different forms of digital assets, managing all these assets could be a hassle for our users. Thus, we have the portfolio management feature that enables users to manage all the assets that have been purchased in the Coinholic marketplace.
Products Review & Rating
Buyers who have purchased specific products in the marketplace (e.g., digital courses and software) are allowed to rate the quality of the product bought. Rating products help us separate bad or low-quality products from the good ones.
The reviews on a product give buyers the sense of choice of whether to purchase a particular product or not.
Mass Adoption
We are confident our system will be adopted massively. A lot of product owners have been looking for an opportunity like this to get their products showcased globally.
The cost of selling digital products is unaffordable by most product owners coupled with the fact that a lot of such category of people lack digital marketing techniques.
We believe that in few years to come, the Coinholic marketplace will be adopted tremendously, being the first online marketplace where digital assets will be traded with cryptocurrency as the only payment option.
We also have a simple adoption strategy of entering the market as a free platform for everyone and work to register as many free accounts as possible while attracting sellers to handle their trading activities through the system. We will ensure users spend time learning the platform and how it works via series of video training.
As the member base grows, Coinholic will attract more digital asset sellers while buyers will flock to the platform to make purchases.
Rapid Increase in Price
The basis of demand and supply is what controls the growth of cryptocurrencies. The higher the demand for a coin, the higher the value increases.
Our team strives to create a massive demand for our crypto by making Coinholic crypto the only acceptable payment option on the marketplace. Users of the platform will have to obtain Coinholic crypto from the exchanges before they can make purchases on the market.
If a user wants to exchange any other coin for fiat using our platform, such user will have to convert the coin in question to Coinholic before he or she can sell on our platform. We rolled out the system to enable us to create a massive demand for our coin.
With the above strategies coupled with the fact that we have a total supply of only 15 million coins, we are positive that Coinholic will record a rapid increase in price when we hit the exchanges.
We seek to fetch enough returns for our early investors which is why we have adopted our initial arbitrage trading system as part of a means to reward our investors. During the period of our crypto trading service, we generated massive profit for our clients on monthly basis.
We are giving our early investors the chance to benefit from the program. This time, we will not be doing the trading. The whole process will be self-managed by users. You trade at your own pace and choose what amount you wish to trade with. We do not control your activities, we only provide trading signals and guidance.
Coinholic team comprises of expert crypto traders who have made so much income through arbitrage. In cryptocurrency, arbitrage is a system of buying and selling digital currencies in different markets or in derivative forms in order to take advantage of the difference in prices for the same asset.
We do not use a trading bot or anything of that form, all trading activities will be carried out manually by investors. All you have to do is use the information we provide on your dashboard to complete your trades. Our signals are 90% correct.
However, the program will only last for one year. This is to enable us to focus more on our core project and develop the Coinholic ecosystem. We cannot give a figure showing the amount of ROI you should expect, what we do guarantee is that investors will record a reasonable amount of profit if our instruction is adhered to.
The program will be launched by June 2018 and end by July 2019. In other words, only investors who participate in our token sale are allowed to benefit from the self-managed trading program. Once the platform is launched, investors who wish to participate in the program can sign into the platform using the same login information generated during ICO. You don’t have to do a new registration.
Although we state that our signals are 90% correct, we hope you understand that there are uncertainties in crypto trading. Sometimes, we may not always get the result we expect.
We are not making any profits from the self-managed program, we only rolled out this platform to reward our early investors and make them feel excited about their investments. Please note that we will not be held liable for any trade done without the guidance of the information we provide on users’ dashboard.
The Coinholic project will be sponsored via a token sale that will run from March 7 to April 14
ICO (Initial Coin Offering) is a system that allows Coinholic to raise funds needed to execute our planned activities. The Coinholic platform is undergoing development; however, we need funds to sponsor the advancement of the core functions of our platform, and also help in marketing our project.
We need to get Coinholic to the crypto community in order to make our project a successful one.
Investors who choose to support our project will make a considerable profit in no distant time. We are offering investors the chance to acquire Coinholic tokens at low costs ranging from $0.3 to $0.9. The value of Coinholic will be a lot higher than that when we finally hit the public exchanges. We also intend on having well structure bonuses and incentives for early investors through our bounty programs. These investors will be rewarded with bonuses and will be offered incredible deals for being the first set of people that invest in Coinholic. Such deal includes the launching of our self-managed trading program.
We are doing this so that investors will see benefits in being the first to adopt this technology. By doing this, we are confident of having a successful launch in which we can create revenue to develop our project further and to grow our system to the next phase of Coinholic.
Token distribution
There will be a total of 15 million coins in the Coinholic network, but only 9 million tokens will be available for sale during ICO. The illustration below shows how Coinholic token will be distributed
The purpose of the Coinholic token allocation is to ensure the long-term sustainability of our marketplace and crypto coin. 60% of the total supply will be giving out to early investors through our token sale.
30% of the token will be left in reserve. Part of this reserve will be released to exchanges and intensify trade in our marketplace while the balance will remain in reserve to aid the stability of the value of Coinholic. Unsold tokens after ICO will be moved to the reserve.
Tokens allocated to founders and developers will be held for some time before they can be sold. Here is a picture of the lock period:
1 year 100% 2 years 75% 3 years 50% 4 years 25% 5 years 0% With these policies, we are sure of maintaining the integrity and ensuring the long-term sustainability of the platform.
10 COH tokens will be awarded to 10,000 participants each. To participate in the Coinholic airdrop and get the free 10 COH tokens, please click HERE
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Simple, non-technical Bitcoin Library Talks - here ya go.

I had a few Bitcoiners ask me for my Library Talk presentation. Here it is... Very simple, non-technical and perfect for the general population.
Promotion: First off, I work with my local libraries who publish the day of the talk (usually 90 days into the future) with all the local news agencies, their facebook page and print it in the Library Schedule. In addition to this I go to every nearby local business for the week before the talk and pass out a flyer of the talk directly to owners or managers, seeing if I can get them to promote the talk (maybe on a cork-board) and inform the staff. I also take a moment to introduce them to Bitcoin without freaking them out.
Turnouts: Turnouts are surprising considering where I live. More and more people are turning up to find out what this "bitcoin thing" is. All ages, all shapes, all types. You won't believe who shows up.
Non-technical: Yup, you won't catch me saying "blockchain" or "eliptic curve cryptography" or "sha256"... I want people to get it, and love it... not avoid it because it's too complex. I try and make the audience extremely comfortable with Bitcoin.
Outcome: The people who show up are very interested and curious. The questions are great and in depth. Often times you can tell these people have studied Bitcoin before showing up.
Flyer -
PowerPoint -
Documnet -
If you can add to these with better graphics or charts or stats etc... I would love it!!! I want to change the privacy/security slide to a page full of Logos from companies that have been hacked (e.g. JP Morgan, Target etc) along with the stats of the hack.
Any help would be appreciated.
EDIT -------------------------------------
Here is the Flyer in PSD form... on google docs, able to be downloaded but not viewed on docs.
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